GRADE 3 Teacher’s Edition / Online Adv. & Media (4th Ed.)


The 15-week, YOU GOT IT ALL fall semester features the miracles of Jesus from the gospel of Mark, with correlating Weekly Bible Passages such as John 3:16 (For God so loved the world) and John 14:6 (I am the way and the truth and the life).

The 15-week, SOUL SURFIN' spring semester features the world-changing events of Acts, with correlating Weekly Bible Passages such as John 20:31 (by believing you may have life in His name) and Acts 4:12 (no other name by which we must be saved).


Full 3-year Scope & Sequence
Sample Grade 3 Teacher's Edition
Sample Grade 3 Student Workbook


This product includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition Master Book – 240-page GRADE 3 master (2 semesters)
  • Administrative access to Online Adventure – User account for lesson prep and point management
  • Classroom Media Kit – Full Library of Music Streaming for in-class activities, plus Weekly Teacher Enrichment
  • The YOU GOT IT ALL Encounter:  Adventures in the Mission of God’s Son
    The SOUL SURFIN’ Encounter:  Adventures in the Spread of God’s Message

    The Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ Teacher’s Edition simplifies daily instruction through correlating Core Bible Stories and Weekly Bible Passages with detailed growth directives. Each unit introduction includes Bible background, setting, parallel scriptures and practical application connections. An 18-page layout for each two-unit section includes Core Bible story discussion and application, Weekly Bible Passage activities and connecting song lyrics exercises, a comprehensive scripture study, “What We’ve Learned” activities and quizzes. Daily teaching objectives are enhanced by the completely integrated, in-class Online Adventure as every Scripture is brought to life through Dean-o’s award-winning songs written specifically for each Core Scripture.



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GRADE 3 Teacher’s Edition / Online Adv. & Media (4th Ed.)

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