A Revolutionary System

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Component 1:
Classroom Workbooks

  • Brilliant Teacher’s Editions with online media and resources.
  • Teacher prep background, setting and parallel Scriptures.
  • Captivating, inventive and practical Student Workbooks.
  • Application activities, group discussion and quizzes.

Classroom Workbooks

Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ consists of 6 dazzling themed Encounters, each geared for 1 semester. The 6 themed Encounters cover a critical Core Bible Story and Unit Bible Passage sequence for grades 3—5 in this order:

  • GRADE 3 Fall:  YOU GOT IT ALL – Adventures in the Mission of God’s Son
  • GRADE 3 Spring:  SOUL SURFIN’: Adventures in the Spread of God’s Message
  • GRADE 4 Fall:  SEEKERMANIA: Adventures in the Pursuit of God’s Presence
  • GRADE 4 Spring:  SALVATION SPEEDWAY: Adventures in the Power of God’s Word
  • GRADE 5 Fall:  GAME FACE: Adventures in the Display of God’s Supremacy
  • GRADE 5 Spring:  GOD CITY: Adventures in the Gift of God’s Kingdom

Semester Encounters consist of 12 Units plus 2 Learning Reviews, totaling 14 weeks. Daily plans explore Core Bible Stories, Unit Bible Passages, application, Scripture Study & Song Lyric activities, Learning Points, and weekly quizzes.

Component 2:
Online Adventure

  • Catchy Music Videos reveal the content for compelling quizzes.
  • Collection of point awards and fun class achievement levels.
  • Memorization visuals with main ideas and learning points.
  • Scripture-to-song parallels, Key-Play Words and tons of fun!

Online Adventure

The Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ Online Adventure is the first Bible engagement system built on a learning management platform—featuring 4 interactive Music Video Adventures that are projected in class and accomplished as a group. The latest in educational standards for memorization and retention are utilized in the Video Adventures and quizzes, making it a blast for students and a powerful tool for teachers!

  • ACTIVITY 1:  The Tune Bubbler – Live performance and 10 “Bubble Facts” for the quiz.
  • ACTIVITY 2:  The Word Bundler – Repeating Scripture “takeaways” for memorization.
  • ACTIVITY 3:  The Truth Buzzer – Teaching from “Key-Play Words” and lyrical insights.
  • ACTIVITY 4:  The Motto Buster – Disappearing shapes uncover Scripture “mottos.”

Each themed Encounter features 48 video adventures & quizzes to explore the weekly Unit Bible Passages. The Online Adventure kicks off each day and works seamlessly with the student workbooks, with an additional option for students to use at home. Irresistible videos, quizzes, point awards and levels make it a blast to explore God’s Word!

Component 3:
Musical Encounter

  • Dove Award-nominated, upbeat Bible music for kids and adults!
  • 20 yrs of application in camps, concerts, chapels and crusades.
  • A Scriptural music discography built within teaching themes.
  • Relevance helps kids to know, believe and apply God’s Word!

Musical Encounter

Only Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ features music written solely for every Unit Bible Passage in the entire program as the retention and application of God’s Word aligns with the powerful gift of Scripture-inspired songs—which propel preteens to connect to the Bible in a powerful, visceral, and fun way they’ve never experienced.

  • A Movement:  In decades of children’s ministry in which Dean-o toured to perform in churches, schools, camps and the Luis Palau, Harvest & Franklin Graham Crusades, Fishfest & Spirit West Coast Music Festivals, Dean-o created the Scripture-in-song blueprint that has become the foundation of Bible REPLAY.
  • A Highlight:  Dean-o anchored a 3-day Salvation Army World Trade Center outreach in NYC to the families of 9/11 and donated 10,310 GOD CITY CDs in that effort. In over 1,900 venues, the ministry has now seen over 13,500 affirm their faith in Christ.

Our mission: transform students into true seekers and equip them to defend their faith — a tremendous challenge for Christian educators. Achieving this objective requires a fresh approach to Bible curriculum that engages the hearts and minds of the next generation.

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A Revolutionary Teaching System


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